Stay a Night at a Tropical Contemporary Boutique Bungalow

Nested in Wayanad, Chateau woods is a uniquely crafted seven room accommodation suite, located on a hilltop with dazzling views if the Soochipara Waterfalls Valley and the Vellarimala Mountains. This has taken inspiration from the bygone era of colonial British Tea Estate Bungalows. This place even has a private waterfall hidden away in the woods. Feeling all the serene, tranquil and harmonious charm of this luxury boutique, you feel nature at it’s best. If you are thinking of an escape to the nature from everything that you’re caught up with, Chateau awaits you.



Presidential suite

The Presidential Suite is our top offering, alluring and amiable ample bedrooms with a wide balcony overlooking the mountains and a private Jacuzzi.

Rs 11500 incl. tax


Junior Suite

Worried about being a large group in number?
Do not. Junior Suites are rooms that have extra rooms to accommodate all of you. Rush in to your Balcony with holding hands of your dear and near ones, to grace with the blissful overview of the pool and tea estates.

Rs 9600 incl. tax


Luxury Room

How about a cup of tea cited from the local tea plantations around?
Sit in the balconies of our Expansive Luxury Rooms and feel your tea with the nature. If you do not want to miss a splendid sunset, this is where you should be sitting with peace.

Rs 9450 incl. tax


Cliff Cottage

Rs 8050 incl. tax

With the spectacular views of hillside valleys, this elegantly designed cottages are located at the heights in the Estate. Perfectly designed for couples, do not miss to plan a honey moon vacation in to Cliff Cottage.


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