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Top 10 Adventurous Things to Do in Wayanad

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Almost all of you would have already heard of Wayanad and I don’t intend to write up an essay describing how beautiful it is. A part of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is filled with long sprawling tea plantations, thick evergreen forests and formidable peaks. Being a hill station, the climate here is always cool and pleasant.

I’m sure that when you search for “Things to do in Wayanad” you will be bombarded with many posts and blogs listing various touristy destinations in Wayanad. So here I’ll try to do something different and make a different kind of list; “Top 10 adventurous things to do in Wayanad”. We are after all an adventure tourism company.

Let’s get started:

1. Trek to Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the highest mountain in Wayanad. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wayanad. The trek at Chembra takes you to the fabled heart-shaped lake. You don’t get to summit the peak though, as it has been out of limits for the past few years due to various environmental reasons. The trek takes approximately 3 hours and is 2.5kms long one way.

Owing to a forest fire on the mountain in 2016 (caused due to negligence on the part of tourists), entry is limited for the trek. Only 200 people per day is allowed for the trek and tickets are usually sold out within minutes of opening at7am. If you plan to trek on Chembra on a holiday, make sure you are there at least by 5am. Call on 9947896008 to know the current status at Chembra.

2. Explore the Kuruva Islands

Kuruva islands situated near Mananthavadi is a unique attraction in the sense that it offers one of the most hands on experience with nature. Getting to the islands is a fun activity. River rafting is one  of the major attractions at the place, where you get in to a barge made with bamboos and is pulled across. A few years ago, you were taken around a lot of islands and the way to travel between them is by wading neck deep into the water. Recently however, the exploration is limited to just a couple of islands. Also, similar to Chembra, there is limited entry; 400 per day split equally between the 2 entry points of the attraction. Tickets usually run out by 6.30am on holidays so plan accordingly. Entry starts at 9.30am.

If you can make it, Kuruva islands or Kuruvadweep as it is locally known is something you shouldn’t miss. It is also a nesting ground for crocodiles and if you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of them with the help of the forest guide.

3. Camping in Tea Plantations

Unlike other adventures you can experience at Wayanad, camping in the tea plantations are an ethereal experience, especially for those who haven’t gone for camping before. A day and night at sprawling expanses of Wayanad’s tea plantations, on top of a hill overlooking the famous Chembra Peak is ll you need for a perfect weekend getaway.

We organize camping tours in Wayanad. Access is very easy even by public transport. Bookings have to be made in advance though, especially on long weekends. Dinner is provided at the camp, usually a delicious homemade Kerala style chicken curry and Kerala porotta or an equivalent alternative for vegetarians. Make sure you inform of the food preferences beforehand. A campfire is lit and stories start to flow.

For bookings and details visit:

Tents, sleeping bags, starry night sky, campfire, barbeque, music, serenity, bliss.

4. Pakshipathalam Caves

Pakshipathalam caves, located at the northern end of Brahmagiri Hills rises to a staggering height of 1740m and is lodged deep within the woods. The caverns in itself are breathtaking, made naturally over centuries with large boulders. This means that the cave provides shelter for various rare species of birds and animals.

If you are out exploring, Pakshipathalam caves is one of the best things to see in Wayanad. You can catch sight of some rare exotic species of birds on the bird watching tour. The caves are also home to the rarest seen species of bats.

It is best to call the Brahmagiri hills office on 8547602509 / 8086465760 before planning anything.

5. Adventures at the Adventure Camp

If you know what Wayanad is, you know it’s home to various outdoor and off-road adventures as well. Despite of being an incredible home for all the nature lovers and travellers, Wayanad is also a favourite spot to adventure seekers and enthusiasts. The adventures provided at the adventure camp at Wayanad, varies from Kayaking to Rock climbing to Zip lining.

Kayaking would be a dreamy experience along with a zip line expedition across the karlad lake. A zipline per person costs INR 300. Another popular adventure at the camp is rock climbing, which is a real adventure. You can ring at 9447110559 for more detailing about the camp and for the adventures they offer. Do not miss seeing the other side of Wayanad.

6. Jeep Safari at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, it is one of the must visit places on your trip to  Wayanad. An integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the sanctuary contains not just Muthanga, but also Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary is home to a large number of species like elephants, tigers and spotter deer to name a few. Some species are also indigenous to the area.

Jeep safaris are open twice every day. Tickets are hard to get on busy weekends so make sure you are there early. Only 40 jeeps are allowed in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. The best time to visit is early morning as the chances of sightings are higher at that time. Elephant and deer sightings are common with rare glimpse of tigers, sloth bears, monkeys, reptiles etc. August to February is the best time to visit.

7. Cycling in Tea Plantations

Although trekking is considered the ultimate adventure activity, mountain biking on off road trails is a highly underrated experience, even better than trekking if you ask me. A chance to test your endurance and zest for adrenaline, the activity offers a unique opportunity to explore the tea plantations and nearby reserve forest and tribal settlements in an exciting way.

The activity is conducted mostly on offroad terrain and the trail is 12kms long. It generally takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. The trip starts from Chundale, Wayanad and the best time to start the tour is in the afternoon by 3 pm. Bikes, helmets, water and snacks are provided for the tour. An experienced guide will take you through the best bits of the plantation and there is a small check dam on the way if you are interested in a quick dip. It is important to book the tour beforehand to block the slots for you.

For bookings and details visit:

8. Trekking to Banasura Hills

The trekking would take almost 8 hours to complete. As the hillside is dangerous and steep, you’ll have to carry a stick along with you to avoid falling in. You’ll have to get permission from the Forest Department to go for the trekking. The trek would probably take a day, so it’s more advised to find a Stay somewhere near to the hills, where home stays and resorts are available plentiful. But, you have a choice of contacting Asdani Adventures without risks, as they provide guided trekking to the Banasura Hills, more like a package. The trek with no doubt, would lift your heart up to ecstasy. Trekking with a group of people is usually recommended as risk is great and it also helps to add the charm to your trekking.

9. A walk with Naturalist

A walk with a naturalist can be either defined as an interactive session with nature itself, for all the valuable detailing you’ll have in the end. Usually, a naturalist is a local native, who knows best about the local culture and heritage. Tourists prefer to take walks with such guides, who provide ample information regarding the natural phenomenon as well as the minute changes in the nature.

If you’re someone who’s more interested in to nature and peace, this is a chance you shouldn’t be missing in life. Chirping birds and lively butterflies, being the usual sights in the luxurious greenery of Wayanad, the naturalist helps you learn more about those wonder wings. There’s nobody equivalent to a local native who can take you to the ecstasy of nature, to pack you with the greens of tea and coffee plantations, to brim you with the local lifestyle and more. 

10. Zip-line

Zip-lines need no introduction. They are the easiest and one of the most adrenaline filled activity you can do, albeit short.

Wayanad currently has 3 zip-lines in different locations. One is in Chundale, one in Peringoda and the last one is located in Karlad lake adventure park. The best among these would the second one located in Peringoda near Pozhuthana. This is enroute to Banasura sagar dam and is generally open throughout the year. It is conducted over a tea plantation and is currently the longest in Wayanad.

The zip-line over at Karlad is also fun as it is conducted over a lake and the return journey is in a boat. So if you fancy flying over the lake then this is definitely the one to try. Keep in mind though that tickets are a little bit more expensive in Karlad than in Peringoda.

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