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Travel Guide - Wayanad

Wayanad is all about alluring greenery all along the countryside with exquisite misty mountains, splendid forest and wildlife, tempting coffee and tea estates, pristine rivers and cascading waterfalls and folk culture. The Western Ghats Mountain ranges bind Wayanad to the nature. Wayanad is a requisite to its heritage and culture, for a traveller who can find this hillside paradise as a bewitching charm for its traditions, customs and wildlife. The aesthetic land of spices, Wayanad is the perfect spot for your getaways. You can find true delicacy in wayanadan mystic lands with amusing nature and beauty of the wild.

Bliss to explorers, this place is not merely a destination where you feel serenity and solace, but a way of culture and living itself with the stories from the old folk and the folklore of the rural areas that go along with your travels through the foliage of Wayanad. Wayanad is located on the fringe of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The sloping reaches and green circumscribing the paradise.

Wayanad is always a visual treat to your eyes from all the way to the wayanad Ghats to the beauty of the rapture of Wayanad through the dripping wet mountains filled with mist and fog. The lush green mountains sing the song of harmony within the wilderness that every traveller can experience. A walk through the misty tea and coffee estates in the morning accompanied by the fog or by the green meadows add a special treat to your first light in Wayanad. The break away from the rush of city life to a hike through dense forests pathways will cleanse your soul and mind.

Wayanad District of Kerala is located at the southern point of Deccan plateau in Western Ghats mountain ranges with lofty ridges interspersed with dense forests and green valleys, high hills, flat open paddy fields and mountain peaks. The Ghats paths concealed by the dense forests and blessed with endless charm of nature and mountain passes with hairpin bends and steep curves.

In debt with the nature for Wayanad's rich water resources which quenches the thirst and refreshes your travels, spice gardens and plantations from fresh fruits to vegetables form an eco-friendly habitat and a wide variety of tourist destinations very popular for its heritage and culture is the picturesque of Wayanad. Let's rush into the things to do in Wayanad. There are several places that you should not miss while you are on your excursion to this divine abode.


1. Misty morning at Lakkidi viewpoint

2. A lure to the stone age of history through Edakkal Caves

3. Walk to Kuruva Island ( river rafting, zip line )

4. Trek to the heart lake at Chembra Peak

5. Morning trail through the hill route to climb the Banasura Hills

6. A walk through the spice routes of Wayanad: the tea gardens and coffee estates

7. Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

8. Endure the absolute peace by visiting Jain temple

9. A splash at Meenmutti waterfalls

10. Adventure with Asdani Adventures

11. Hike at Muneeshwaram Hills

12. Rise up to the clouds from Kurumbalakkotta Viewpoint.

13. Listen to the tale of Pazhassi Raja from Pazhassi Museum

14. The Legendary cascade: Soochippara waterfalls

15. Spiritual arousal at Thirunelli Temple


Wayanad District of Kerala is located at the southern point of Deccan plateau in Western Ghats mountain ranges


Mountains Ranges

The Mighty Mountains like Brahmagiri hills(meters), Banasura peak (2073 meters), Chembara peak (2100 meters) are the most important mountains in Wayanad. These mountain ranges are surrounded by rain forests all around, where rare species of wildlife from flora to fauna are found in abundance. These mountains are important and popular among tourist locations preferred by people from all around the world who come to visit these mighty mountain ranges.

Major Water Bodies

Kabini river is one of the important water sources with its three tributaries, the Mananthavady, Panamaram, and Kalindy. Kabini is an important stream of the Kaveri river. Kabini is one among the only three rivers in Kerala that flows to the east. Banasura Sagar which is the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia dam is built in the tributaries of the Kabini.


Wayanad has an altering climate throughout the year. The weather is very pleasant around the year, that tourists perceive it cool for getaways in any season.


During the winter season its pretty cold in winter that it will nearly reach a 10 degree. Tourists often visit here during December intending the cold weather. This weather is apt for hiking, trekking and even camping in the deep forests. The pleasant weather span during the months of October to February is considered to be a significant time to visit Wayanad. It’s the season when the wildlife sightseeing is possible at its best. Wildlife photographers rush to Wayanad during this season for the perfect pictures of unseen flora and fauna.


Wayanad is soaked and shivering during the monsoon. Cloudburst is very common during this season. The enchanted beauty of Wayanad is aligned to meet the perfect harmony of nature. Off- roading through the water drenched roads through the forest, trekking by the water dripping cardamom plantations and tea estates are adventurous as the presence of leaches are inevitable. Tourists who visit Wayanad during monsoon should have precautionary steps exerted towards this.


Like all Indian towns, Wayanad experiences summer in months from March to May which is warm yet delightful with the fresh and serene breezes sweeping the district because of the evergreen forest cover. The temperature in Wayanad is anywhere between 20-30°C in summer, with cool. With the torrential downpour, the area gets plentiful rain from the torrential downpour. Mornings in Wayanad are always foggy and cold, no matter the season. The major attraction of summer in Wayanad is that you have miraculous fireflies flickering all around the place. Nights during summer are stuffed with such lovely gatherings of fireflies on trees which is a visual treat to your eyes.


Being a tourist centre, Wayanad is packed with good facilitates via roadways from different parts of Kerala. You can easily get to Wayanad through the road ways. There’s no railway station and airport in wayanad as it is a hill station thickly packed with the mountain pass and hairpin curves, but on a 100Km radius from the main town you can find Railways and airports. As it’s a hill station, the roads are well connected with both public and private transportation from in and outside Kerala.

How to reach Wayanad by Road:

From Thamarassery (Calicut) to Lakkidi (Wayanad) Road:

Calicut is the nearest city to wayanad. From Calicut through Thamaraserry - Lakkidi ghat pass is one of the most common and popular way to climb up to wayanad. The distance between Calicut and Wayanad is about 90 kilometers You can experience the Ghats pass with the sight of lofty mountains interconnected with deep valley, the breathtaking view accompanied by small meadows There are both Private (Taxis, Buses) and Public (KSRTC Buses) transports available. Lakkidi is also known as the gateway of Wayanad and one of the highest locations in Wayanad. Calicut- Mananthavadi and Calicut- Sulthan bathery buses are very common by this route.

Through Kottiyoor–Ambayathode–Palchuram–Boys Town Ghat Road

Another option to reach in here is to climb Palchuram Ghats, which’s a less rushy, compared to the other. A drive through the milky mountains and valleys will be a mesmerising experience. The Boys Town Ghat road connects lower hilly towns and villages of Kannur and Kasargod districts with Wayanad and you can reach to Manandavadi town. The distance between Kannur and Wayanad is about 110 kilometres. Both Public and private buses are available in this region as well.

From Bangalore to Wayanad

If you start your journey from Bangalore breathtaking it will take around 7 hours to reach Wayanad. The distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is about 282.7 kilometres. You can even chose an overnight bus ride from Bangalore to Wayanad and then you’re there in the morning.

From Mysore to Wayanad

From Mysore you can take a road trip at Kutta road that connects Mananthavady or a twist at Bandhipur National Park. The distance between Mysore and Wayanad is around 130 Kilometeres. You’re expected to sight wild animals on the go, if you’re crossing the forest.

You can even enter in to Karnataka through Nagarhole National Park, a home to Tigers and Leopards.

Routes from Bangalore - Mysore to Reach Wayanad

Route 1: via Channapatna, Mandya, Mysore, Kartikulam, Kaithakal, Wayanad with State Highway - 17 and 33.

Route 2: via Kanakapura, Sathanur, Malavalli, Kartikulam, Kaithakal, Wayanad with National Highway 209 and SH 33.

Route 3: via Kanakpura, Kollegal, Chamrajnagar, Gundlupet, Sultan Bathery, Wayanad with NH 209 and 212.

From Chennai to Wayanad

If you’re starting from Chennai, Tamilnadu, you’ll have to reach Coimabatore by rail or road, and then accelerate in to Ooty and reach at Wayanad by Bandhipur National Park. Even though, Chennai to Wayanad the distance is 592 Kilometres and the journey is quite long and tiring but it will worth a try to travel through the forest ways on foggy evening or a misty morning will reward you with the pleasure you’re seeking.

How to reach Wayanad by Rail

Wayanad district is not connected directly by rail. Calicut Railway Station is the nearest Railway station at a distance of 86 km. Calicut Railway Station connects to almost all the major towns and cities in the country. After getting down at the station the road from the Railway station to Wayanad is excellently connected with Taxies, Public and Private Buses. Once you arrive at Wayanad, there are private buses or jeeps connecting to all the native places.

How to reach Wayanad by Air

Nearest airport to Wayanad is Calicut International airport (Kozhikode airport) located at a distance of 93 km from Wayanad. Many domestic and International flights are available here. From here, you can either hire a taxi or there are public and private buses to Wayanad.

Kannur International Airport is the next nearest airport to reach Wayanad which is located almost 108 km from Wayanad. There are both domestic and international flights from Kannur International Airport. There are plenty of Taxi services accessible from here to Wayanad.


Thinking about staying at Wayanad for the weekend? This is something you shouldn’t be worrying of. Places to stay at here are plenty ranging from local home stays to luxurious resorts. You can either choose a stay inside a jungle or even amidst the coffee estates. The choice is all yours. A night in your dreams is all set.

If you’re a budget traveller and are looking to know more about the local life and culture, home stays are the best option as you get to experience the love and hospitality of the natives. Home stays does not ask for high prices , but affordable to budget travelers and solo travelers. OYO rooms, the new service in hotels, are also available in the town of Kalpetta, linking perfectly rated restaurants and hotels. If you’re with family or a group of friends, this can be a great option too.

And if you’re on a honeymoon or even on a family trip, worry not about pleasurable locations for stay overs. This wonderland is also home to auspicious resort culture, widely popular for the offers of nature’s grandeur and it’s hosting. A lot of them have roots inside jungles and tea estates ensuring the best of the homely experience of life at Wayanad.

Tree huts, Camping and bamboo huts are one of the main attractions to tourists, who’re looking for a different experience of feeling the nature. Completely equipped tree huts are also available at many places with an affordable price.


This is also another great option, If your getaway is in search of local culture and food. The home stays available in plenty would help you connect with the natives, by effective interactions. The authentic cuisines of Wayanad, such as meat items and other spicy dishes are a real treat to your taste buds. People here are very popular for their humble and lovely hosting. The way the natives treat their guests are way too amazing. Given a half hour, everything is on the table, served hot and spicy. Such is the cul they hold.

You can even try the different cuisines at popular restaurants like the 1980’s Restaurant, Coffee Groove etc. These restaurants even have their own customised food varieties and tastes that will remain you in awe. You’ll fall in love with the best Foods at Wayanad , and the top restaurants will make you come back every once in a while.


A place well known for its adventures, Wayanad also extends a wide variety of adventure spots all over the land. A traveller who’s more prone to adventures can meet his adrenaline rush both at the outskirts like Asdani adventures, an adventure tourist spot where hiking, camping, and cycling rates them to the top. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, this is a perfect place you should be going to.

A day at Asdani, is all about rejuvenating your mind, body and soul with the nature. You’ll feel fresh and alive at their campsite that offers a panoramic scenic view of the tea estates and the hill side. You’ll feel the rushing air on your hair, while taking in all the feel of the nature fom the campsite. Brimmed with huge rocks and various trees, the campsite is an apt abode to rest your heads in the tents provided. This place not only offers solace, but safety as well. You’ll have sunshine coming sneaking in to your tents in the morning amidst the green branches and mist. You also have a sunset trek to the wilder part of Wayanad, where even wildlife sighting is possible. You’ll have to trek almost an hour inside the deep woods to reach the destination where there’s a waterfall-stream inside the jungle. Tourists usually find this place felicitous to take a shower in the lap of the nature.

One of the best experiences you’ll ever have at Wayanad is the bicycle ride by Asdani Adventures. A long 3 hour ride in the tea estates, is something you’ll never ever forget in your life. You can even catch the glimpses of the working women at the tea estates, chanting to the nature, throwing lovable comments at you, waving hands at you and singing songs to ease their labour. If you’re a travel photographer, you’ve everything your eyes ever wanted from here. These are the pictures of the local country side where life and harmony is at it’s peak.

Also, adventure never ends here. You’re all free to look in to the wide varieties of options, like trekking at Chembra peak, Bamboo Rafting at Kuruva Island, Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty, Caving visit at Edakkal caves, Sunrise trek at Kurumbalakkotta hills and Boating at Banasura Sagar Dam. Still, this is not the end for the endless adventures.

Let yourself escape in the sheer beauty of green. Leave yourself to be pampered by the tranquility of nature. Re-energise yourself and rejuvenate. There’s not a better space like this, for all your desires of adventures and your dreams of a peaceful getaway.

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