Comfy Stay Overs on Hilltop. One of the best Ultra Luxury Resorts in Wayanad.

Spread across 20 acres, Xanadu Wayanad is one of the finest luxury resorts in Wayanad. Situated 3300 ft above the sea level, this ultra luxury boutique resort is at the top of Cheengeri hills. Surrounded by the jaw-dropping sceneries and climate of Wayanad, this is more of a luxury lounge amidst the misty mountains, gurgling creeks, foggy clouds, backwaters and woods. The place is best known for the mind-boggling views of the setting and rising sun. Like a palace sketched on a painting, surrounded with bewildering clouds and starts, it offers breathtaking views of the lush greens.
For a happy vacation, this is your best choice. For any season and any reason. 


Stay in one of the best resorts in Wayanad. Book any of our rooms and you are in for a treat. 


Presidential Suite

An aesthetically appealing Royal suite, the luxurious Jacuzzi Suite even offers you a private Spa, Spa Jacuzzi with the panoramic view of the foggy hills and mystic mountains, along with the breathtaking view of a lake that surrounds the suite. This is a highly decorated contemporary designs with detailing of fine architecture. You’re sure to love this place as you find resting your head peacefully and joyfully.

Rs 23600 incl. tax


Pool View Grand

Blended with the mesmerising view of the infinity pool, this is a very comfortable lounge designed perfectly with modern amenities. Offering the spine-tingling view of the nature outside, you have butterflies in your tummies to being able to have spend a day in here.

Rs 15300 incl. tax


Lake View Exotic

A place where your wildest imagination meets the spellbinding scenery of the mother nature, Lake View Cottages are finely crafted cottages with magnificent lake view. Adorned with a balcony that overlooks the thrilling view of the mountainside, privacy of the guest is highly prioritised during all the seasons. To relieve from the hectic day to day routines, this is your perfect destination.

Rs 11200 incl. tax


Wooden Chalet

To wake up in a totally offbeat atmosphere, Wooden Chalet is where you should be going. Elegantly succinct and enchantingly endearing, you feel the nature swaddling you in to huge happy hugs, praising and gracing the greens. We are sure that the Wooden Chalets are not going to turn you down, for it is going to soothe your hearts and heal your souls.

Rs 9500 incl. tax


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